Adventures of Hal

Fran, Gareth and friends explore the world on Hal, our 35ft yacht

All about Hal


Hal is our Hallberg Rassy 352. We purchased her in May 2014 in Plymouth, Devon, where she had been based for many of her recent years.

During her life she has had several different names. We were both well aware of the superstitions surrounding changing the name of a boat so we took the renaming ceremony very seriously. This involved purging the boat of all references to her old name, then paying tribute to the old name and thanking King Neptune for protecting her under her old name. We then blessed her new name, Hal, with generous donations of champagne to Neptune and all those present for the ceremony. This included another boat, Fooster, who happened to be passing through the Solent the same morning we hosted our renaming ceremony. Patrick and his crew provided the festivities (we brought the champagne).

We settled on the name Hal as it is both an abbreviation of Hallberg Rassy but it is also the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

So far Hal has proven to be tougher than us and probably more importantly, despite us. We have put her to the test more times than we care to admit, some of which are mentioned in our blog. But she has endured and carried us across the North Sea and into the Arctic Circle, along the West coast of Svalbard to as far as 80 degrees north and back again to Norway.

Let’s hope the adventures continue!


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