From Nusfjord the plan was to visit Reine, a lovely little fishing village towards the Western end of the Lofoten Islands. We set off in this however… 

And unfortunately it didn’t improve. We circled around Reine with the aim of hiking up the top of the fjord over to a lovely beach on the other side. However the rain and wind quickly persuaded us otherwise. We cruised around the islands a bit and pulled in to get some more photos of fish hanging to dry… 

The weather didn’t improve in Reine either. The wind funnelled into the little bay area and just to make it even more exciting, we hit bottom trying to reach the dock! Probably just a lone rock in a bad spot but with the 25-30 knots blowing through the marina and poor visibility we weren’t going to try again! Plus it was only an hour to the most beautiful, sheltered fishing village, Sorvagen. 

Here we could have our walk!

A few relics along the way… 

Our last day was spent rolling downwind the 50 miles to Bodo. While lovely, it was a cold and not particularly comfortable trip home, only improved by the gusts blowing through to push us along. I kept busy in the warmth! 

We somehow managed to find the windiest anchorage possible for lunch and sat shivering in the cold sunshine while we polished off the last of the perishables. All worth it though and we cruised back to Bodo to a lovely (non-cod) dinner and final night ashore before flying back to London. 


This however is only the beginning. In a couple of weeks Captain Haddock and I are flying back to Bodo for the last time to take Hal south again, out of the Arctic. Next stop, Bergen. 

Bye for now!