I love photos, so even though we haven’t left yet I’m going to post lots of photos that I never got around to posting from the last leg. I have also posted an album of Lofoten photos on Flickr: 

Like these ones of our awesome spinnaker 😛

And some flat water sailing we enjoyed. This may sound silly but most of the sailing we’ve done, particularly around the UK, is in varying sizes of swell. So to get sailing on this gorgeous flat water was a real treat. 

This is Hartree – he was given to us by one of Captain Haddock’s friends and colleagues. Here he’s making sure the Captain pays attention to where he’s going (and ideally the tides, but Hartree’s a polar bear not a wizard). He’s become a full-fledged crew member and was less than happy at the idea of us having to carry a rifle on board as polar bear protection! I’m inclined to agree but I can outrun the rest of our crew so I’m not allowed to question our protocols… 

Something that we noticed and loved wondering through the villages in the Lofotens, was how well people cared for their gardens. Lots of white picket fences and perfectly manicured lawns and hedges. 

And now we’re in Tromso again ready to embark on the real adventure. It’s been fun and stressful and crazy at times but we are finally here. Tomorrow we will head north to see how far we can go. There is one possible stop on the way to Svalbard, a little place calld Bear Island. However because of the cold spring and high amount of ice this year, we are going to try and take a wide berth to the west, heading straight to Svalbard.