What a glorious day! We woke up to the clouds clearing and 20 knots from the SW. Setting off early (6:45 departure – very early by Fran standards) we cruised the coastline 80 miles from Alesund to Kristiansund.

The countryside is very dramatic. Departing Alesund we had snowy mountains behind us and rugged coastline alongside. 

We weaved around the islands, admiring all the little villages spotted here and there. We mused about what life would be like for their inhabitants – prone to the elements and a long way from civilization. Some of the islands would have just one or two buildings. There are tunnels running everywhere and we’ve seen a handful of bridges, but the more remote areas are only accessible by boat. The people who live there must be so tough.

At around 10am local time, I received an email with my jobs for next year – moving to Weston-super-Mare in August!! 

More stunning countryside… 

We had some good sailing too. The navigation was tough when the wind picked up but we managed to avoid the rocks and kept Gareth’s stress levels to a minimum. 

We even got a few jobs done – I’ll be less proud of my splicing if we lose our buoy in Svalbard. ;P

At one point Terry decided he’d had enough of PG Tips tea and suggested we carry more variety on board. Other than that though everyone was happy. All in all it was a wonderful day. We were so excited to be coast hopping (rather than crossing the North Sea) and the glorious weather made it all worthwhile đŸ™‚

A few last pics sailing into Kristiansund. It’s a real industrial town, but we found some pretty parts scattered around too.