Wow, so over the past few months, Gareth has been working non-stopping to get Hal ready for our big adventure this summer. It finally came together when he departed Ipswich a few weekends ago with two friends (and me sitting in the warm car out of the rain waving them off) for Lowestoft. Prior to that (and after), it was all work – we had the bottom re-surfaced, she spent the winter out of the water drying out, we checked all the rigging, serviced the sails, engine and life-raft, replaced loads of lines and did endless re-wiring and plumbing. That and all the details in between and she’s ready to head off for Norway (we’re already here by the way, in Alesund… this blog is just waaaaaay overdue!! And now, hopefully, a succession of catch-up posts). After a couple of weeks in rainy Lowestoft, Gareth set off, again with two friends, for Hartlepool. Both of these trips were adventures, but this one especially so. The boys saw gusts of 57 knots (it doesn’t matter if our anemometer over-reads, it was seriously windy). They did most of the trip with 3 reefs in the main (making it less than a third of it’s normal size) and the storm jib. They were troopers though and Hal performed beyond expectations, getting them in safely late Sunday night, over 36 hours after departing Lowestoft… A couple of pictures from their adventure, hopefully the most harrowing we’ll see for awhile. 

Stef, Alex, Patrick and Terrry – I realise this does not do your trips justice at all so please get on Gareth’s case to put in details 🙂